“I had a great role model growing up. My mother is the most kind-hearted person that I have ever met, and is without a doubt the reason why I love people so much.” – Max D. Fuller


             Born and mostly raised by a single mother in North Alabama, Max is a lifelong resident of the area. Max loves the Alabama that he calls home. But, believes that it can be better. He understands the value of hard work and a strong work ethic. He started his first job at 16 working for a local grocery store next to his hometown in Skyline, AL. After graduating from high school he accepted a job at The Home Depot where he quickly jumped through the ranks from cashier to head cashier and then millworks sales. At the age of 19 he qualified in the 2012 Jackson County Probate Judge Republican primary, and after a defeat by only a 5% margin he accepted a job with Pavestone, LLC as a manufacturers retail sales executive. At Pavestone Max was one of less than a hundred retail sales reps that covered the entire continental United States. He was also one of the youngest sales reps in the entire company. He was responsible for over 100 stores and a territory that consisted of over 100,000 square miles. From meetings with Business Owners, Store Managers, and/or community leaders, it was just another day in the office.. or truck as Max likes to say. Max has always been an active member of his community, and believes that you cannot judge someone and/or fully understand them until you walk in their shoes. So, knowing that he had political aspirations and with the mounting tensions surrounding the law enforcement community, he joined the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reserve deputy unit for which he is still a member. But, not as active as he once was. One night while on patrol, with an APOST certified deputy, he and his partner were poisoned at a local big chain restaurant. While they could never officially prove the malicious act, it took a toll on Max’s health. From multiple ER visits to multiple doctors’ appointments it was apparent that something was wrong. Max knowing that it was not safe for him to drive the company’s truck and with the possibility of medical leave approaching, he decided to resign from his position at Pavestone, LLC. He knew that he had worked too hard to build relationships with key account leaders and a medical leave would leave his territory untouched until he returned, potentially derailing those relationships. He had been offered a position by Huntsville Hospital some 6 +/-months prior to his departure from Pavestone, LLC for which he declined. Prior to resigning from Pavestone, LLC he reached out to Huntsville Hospital and was hired on the spot in the Huntsville Hospital health systems safety and security department. He quickly rose through the ranks from a contract security officer to proprietary staff and then to a night shift “Shift Lead / Security Supervisor”. He learned a lot while working at Huntsville Hospital and understands the importance of quality healthcare and a well-trained/supported staff. He left Huntsville Hospital to go to work for his father’s Industrial Electrical company in Athens, AL. While walking in the shoes of the men and women who built and are continuing to build America, he learned a great deal about skilled trades and quite a few business tips from his father on how to run and operate a successful business. While working for his father, he started his own company. While he has yet to be profitable, he will tell you that right now the profit is not in the dollar amount but in the knowledge gained from trying, failing, and working through the process. Max has always had an interest in law and when a position at Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys, PC was offered to him, it was an opportunity that he just couldn’t pass up. Max currently works for Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys, PC in the Huntsville, AL Office as a Legal Assistant/ Case Manager. Yes, he works for the guy with all the billboards!


“Working in the legal field has been an invaluable experience” – Max 


Max has taken post-secondary courses at both Northeast Alabama Community College and Southeastern University. He is also an active Hytop, AL volunteer firefighter and has served his community for almost a decade. He is a prior member of the Hytop, AL park board. He is a memeber of Church of the Highlands in Huntsville, AL where he is actively involved in student ministries. He is also a current active member of the Scottsboro, AL chapter of Civitan International. Max is a foodie, loves the great outdoors, and a good baseball game. Being surrounded by friends and family, he pretty much enjoys everything.        


"I will fight for what I believe in, or die trying" - Max D. Fuller




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